Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How do they do it?

So I was thinking today about how I have 2 kids and make about 50k a year with both Tonya and I working, so my question is how does anyone have more then 2 kids? I will tell ya how....The government pays for most things, now don't get me wrong everyone should get help with the first kid, but after that if u don't have your own insurance covering the pregnancy then U should get a shot in your ass so we don't have to keep paying for u being stupid. Oh wait your not married so then u get free food and other crap. I just don't understand. I hear "well I was working on getting on birth control" OK, how does that work? You get free doctor visits, scripts and whatever else u need. So u were just to dam lazy to get a shot or take a pill everyday, and now look, u r pregnant w/o any insurance, and no job. That's 1 of the problems with this country. We all want our kids to have more then what we had growing up but to me it seems like having more then 2 kids w/o having a really good job is CRAZY!!!! What do u think???